Why we build it

Welcome to the freelance platform map!

We know how difficult it can be to find the right talent and skills, especially when you have a niche role to fill. Businesses today are increasingly looking to utilize freelance talents to complement their existing in-house employees, but don’t have time or resources to waste on the wrong choice. When the freelance model works best, it should be simple, and often it’s where the magic happens. You find highly-talented independent contractors with targeted skills that fill essential gaps, and freelancers find clients to build thriving long-term relationships with. 

But how can you speed up the process of finding the right freelancer for the job, especially when there are so many places to look for independent contractors? 

That’s where the freelance platform map comes in. For the first time, we have consolidated 161 leading freelance marketplaces from around the world and classified their main focus area into 13 distinct categories. 

Using the filters you will be able to quickly and easily find the person you’re looking for. We chose the marketplaces based on their reputation, the quality of talent you could find there, the number of categories they offered, and the positive reviews left by businesses just like your own. 

So, what are you waiting for? Simply move around the map to start exploring the different categories. Click on each category to drill down into the top marketplace talent in specific fields, and start seeing value from freelance talent today!

Our Categories

Web development category

You can search for the right web developer in these marketplaces based on your budget and skills such as UI/UX, mobile apps, marketing plugins, and more.

Software development category

In these marketplaces you can find all professionals related to software development, from full stack developers to data scientists, and mobile app programmers.

Research category –

Using these resources, you can find freelance researchers, scientists, and industry experts to assist you in your research projects.

Business consulting category –

Find strategy and business consultants on these marketplaces to gain industry knowledge to make informed decisions.

Crowd Sourcing for AI –

Through these marketplaces, you can enrich your AI system with high quality, multi-faceted data sourced worldwide.

Translation & Editing –

You can find a treasure trove of on-demand editors and translators in these marketplaces.

Content –

These are the right places to look for your next writer! From content to copy, no matter the niche you’ll find the talent that fit the bill.

Design –

Are you in need of a website, infographic, or presentation designer? Seeking an illustrator or a visual designer? Take a look at these marketplaces.


Regardless of what marketing skills you’re after or level of experience, you can find it in these marketplaces.

Media creation

Media creation needs specific skills. Here you can find experts in film and video production, video editing, brand video animation, photography, and more.

Data entry

Looking to type information from paper formats into digital formats? Find the right data entry clerk you need.

E-commerce development services

Looking for some help to take your E-commerce business to the next level? Find the skills and experience you need from these e-commerce focused freelance marketplaces.

Financial consulting services

Whether you’re looking for a part time CFO or a bookkeeper, here are the right marketplaces you should start looking for the right freelancer.

HR consulting services

Get guidance and advice from professional HR consultants. Search for consultants who have experience with HR models, workforce policies, and procedures, and assist with recruiting and training new employees.

Data analysis consultants

Search for professionals who collect and analyze data across the business to make informed decisions or assist other team members and leadership in making sound decisions.

Content marketing services

All Content marketing services in one place, from planning a content marketing strategy to distributing, promoting, and tracking all content types.

Public relations consultant

Discover PR specialists who can help you shape, grow and maintain your company’s reputation and brand. They can identify media opportunities, build relationships with strategize your external communications.

Marketing strategy consultant

Need to identify trends and potential opportunities for your go-to-market strategy? Find consultants that can advise you on demand and lead generation, retention and advocacy strategies.

Community management services

Here you will find professionals in the field who know how to set and implement social media and communication campaigns, engage with your clients, respond to comments and customer queries, and more.

Mega marketplaces

Looking for a one stop shop? These are the biggest freelancing websites where you can choose from hundreds of thousands of different categories from a large range of budget and experience. You can also search this list for a European based mega freelance platforms.